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About Us

Shree Wanza Community of Leicester first came into being in 1968 and presently cherishes a fine community centre, formally opened in August 1995, on Pasture Lane. Reflected within its constitution are the core values of Truth through personal accountability, Attainment through effort and self-sacrifice, Purity of mind and body, and Benevolence towards all living beings, inherent within Sanantan Dharma. Therefore, its natural aim is to propagate these values, maintain its cultural identity, and develop positive leadership within its future generations, whilst fostering amiable relations with all diverse communities in British society.

As well as India, Wanza families reside in the U.S.A, Canada, Australia and some European Countries, together with established communities in East Africa. All maintaining a peaceful, happy and prosperous existence, whilst still practising the way of life and values passed down by their forefathers, with fond affiliations to their respective wider communities.

Our History

Descending from the ancient Hindu Kshatriya Varana and obligatory believers in the grace and benevolence of Mata Hingraj, following her maternal protection of their honour from the vengeance of sage Parshuram, the ancient Wanzas found a peaceful existence in the Vindhiya mountains under the spiritual guidance of their elective guru, Guru Gopal Lal, after moving to Wanjot in Ujjain, India, and acquiring a collective occupation in the craft of tailoring under the auspices of sage Tantupal, ‘Protector of Threads’. Incidentally, to vindh means to stitch. Hence, ‘Vindhiyas’ became ‘Wanzas’.

Artist's impression of Gopal Lal teaching his followers

Pioneering Wanzas began to seek a brighter future for subsequent generations in other provinces in India and further abroad, with settlements beginning to sprout along the East African coast and further inland around the turn of the 19th century. Prosperity brought confidence and the altruistic desire to establish communities to further their interests and safeguard the inherent Hindu values practised within their way of life i.e. Sanatan Dharma. Vibrant Wanza communities soon blossomed.

Peaceable craftsmen and traders by nature, subsequent political uncertainties and turmoil in the late 1960s and early 1970s, especially in Uganda, compelled responsible Wanza householders to seek a more stable and progressive future for their families in Great Britain and Canada. Settlements soon began to occur in London, Leicester, Wellingborough, Coventry and Manchester in the United Kingdom, and Toronto and Montreal in Canada. Subsequent generations were encouraged to attain a better future for themselves through education and many second and third generation Wanzas are already making a valuable contribution to the economy and welfare of the country of their domicile through their chosen professions and in the field of Business.

Main Committee

Shree Wanza Community of Leicester's Main Committee is made up of the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer, the Secretary, an Assistant Secretary, and a number of Members and Co-Opted Members, all of whom have been duly elected to office by the community members at an Annual General Meeting.

The Main Committee provides voluntary service to the Community for a minimum term of two years. Its remit within this period is not only to co-ordinate and manage the various annual festive functions, but to also come up with innovative and robust plans designed to lead the Community towards social progress and development, whilst always remaining with the provisions of the agreed Constitution. In so doing, it works closely and harmoniously with the Trustees and Community Members who may wish to become co-opted to put their plans into action. It holds lively meetings every month.

The Main Committee often gets divided into sub-committees, such as Financial Management Committee, Buildings Maintenance Committee, Temple and Cultural Committee, and Youth and Sports Committee, to manage specific areas more effectively. The Committee prides itself in taking into consideration views from all generations within the community and strives to represent them democratically.

The Shree Wanza Community of Leicester's Main Committee, comprises of the following members:

Executive Committee:


Sunil Dayalal Sonigra

Vice President:

Mukesh Madhavji Shikotra


Dillan Vinod Shikotra

Assistant Secretary:

Milan Sonigra


Narendra Keshavji Shikotra

Assistant Treasurer:

Divyesh Suresh Solanki


Harish Devji Nandha (Chair)

Govind Jivan Shikotra

Jayendra Jamandas Parmar

Navin Ravilal Gohil

Commitee Members:

Dinta Visavadia

Vishant Rajendra Sikotra

Umesh Mandalia

Mayur Govind Shikotra

Meeta Parmar

Raju Mandalia

Priten Sudhir Sikotra

Co-Opt Members:

Simi Kiran Nandha

Ela Mukesh Shikotra

Pankaj Mandalia

Jaysukh Devshi Solanki

Beena Narendra Shikotra

Jayesh Vithal Parmar

To contact any of the main committee members listed above, please email

Youth Committee

Over the past few years, the youth of our community have joined forces to make their own committee. They are dedicated to helping our youth understand more about our culture and heritage, whilst also arranging fantastic events for everyone to get involved in.

They work very closely with the main committee on community development projects, as well as organising and assisting in key events throughout the year.

The Youth Committee always welcomes new members, so if you would like to get involved, please email

The Youth Committee comprises of the following members:


Madhavi Rajesh Mandalia


Dhruve Mukesh Shikotra & Hetal Girishkumar Gohil

Social Media:

Anichia Mahes Rathod & Bhakti Dhirajli Gohil

Event Organisers:

Dhanik Jayesh Parmar

Radhika Mukesh Shikotra

Chirag Jayprakash Parmar

Bhavin Chandrakant Davdra

Janvi Kiran Nandha

Chaaya Jayesh Parmar

Nandini Kantilal Borkhataria

Rajan Kantilal Borkhataria

Shyam Raju Sikotra

Vivek Pankaj Mandalia

Mitul Millan Sonigra

Neeraj Jayesh Parmar